Our jobs must follow some criteria, that will make your life easier and the publisher correction less painful.

Scale and Axys 0,0,0

Make sure all unities are in centimeters, just ignore it if the job description says so. Before you start, go to Unity Setup and configure it correctly.


Furniture Modelling

This kind of jobs could be a furniture or decoration object.

Create a layer called MOB and include your model on it.

Centralize the model pivot on center and bottom.

Move your model do the coordinates center x,y,z - 0,0,0


The model must be attached with Multi/Sub material applied, named correctly on each Material ID.


Architecture Modelling

Those Jobs could be Interiors or Exteriors.

Create a layer called ARCH and include all objects.

Create a group and move it to the coordinates center x,y,z - 0,0,0

Let the ground floor stay at the zero coordinate on Z axys.


All objects must have its own name and you need to attach by material type. Ex, walls, glass, stone floor...

Floor and Ground Plans

On the Floor and Ground plans we will need a TIFF file with at least 6000 pixels on width

Studio Render File

Open our Studio File and merge your model.

Architectural modelling jobs doesn´t need to be rendered.

Before rendering move your model to the center coordinates x,y,z - 0,0,0

You can download the Studio File inside our platform.

Studio File.jpg

The 3D Artist must render each camera and save as described below.:


1920 X 1444 pixels






Front Camera

Studio File Render Front.jpg

Side Camera

Studio File Render Side.jpg

Example Renders





How do you send the files?

Sending the file is easy. On the job page, after all tasks are done, you will see an upload area. Create a ZIP or RAR including the 3D file and the two renders. If you have textures, send it too.